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It’s fair to say our Managing Director, Nic, didn’t take the ‘conventional’ route to business and leadership success. When Nic came to the UK from Greece aged 16, he spoke almost no English and had little sense of how he might fit into what was then an unfamiliar society.

Fast-forward 10 years and he was breaking the record for youngest franchisee of a Driver Hire in the UK. With Nic at the helm of our tight knit team, we transformed from a micro-business to one boasting a £2.5million turnover in only 6 years, becoming one of the most dynamic and profitable franchises in the country. In 2016 we moved into a new headquarters and expanded our operations into career coaching, launching a Pitman Training franchise, which quickly entered a similar phase of rapid growth.

In all this time, Nic has never missed a day picking his daughter up from school. Work-life balance and family are at the core of everything we do. In fact, the watermarks you see behind this text were drawn by Nic’s daughter and artiste-in-chief, who was promised her drawings would become an important part of Dad’s business. And, as the sensible among us know, you do not go back on your word to an 8 year old! 

Driver Hire Financial Chart

Don’t just take our word for it. The results speak for themselves. (Turnover, Driver Hire Crawley)

The fact is you don’t need to sacrifice everything to grow multiple businesses with a small team. And with the right systems and strategies in place, you don’t need to be afraid of taking risks to secure the best for your business and family future.

You can do it! Let us show you how.